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All sciences use frames to guide the gathering of knowledge. As more science is done, more problems are found in those frames and sciences move on to new frames for better knowledge and better practice.

Human science frames that explain how people best coach, develop and perform have moved on three times from the ones used today. BUT they have "moved-on" in academic ivory towers not real-world practice. 

Broader thinking brings the most progressive human sciences into real-world practice to transform coaching, development and performance—hence invites to 13 leading universities, powerful testimonies from world-leading coaches and academic minds and publications in the highest quality research journals.


Wow, what a show stopper! Deeply troubling, I can see I make mistakes

in several key areas, sub-conciously against my initial intentions

this work is much needed. 

Dan Pfaff, Coach to 49 Olympians (9 medalists), 51 World Championship Competitors

(9 medalists), 5 world-record-holders, 57 national records

If you like...


 - "over-energized presenters saying obvious things in    

    complex ways and hiding their lack of insight"

 - attention-grabbing soundbites as analysis;

 - quick easy answers: look elsewhere

However, if you are interested in taking a little more time—a few minutes not seconds—to consider how a 

theoretically-research formed broadening perspective

can transform what you think and do: watch on. 

Science developed in two ways: precise and wide. In this introductory video we explain how precise science took over as the only science only because it made so much money in the industrial revolution, not because of better explanations. 


We bring wide science back using the "social" theories of the French post-structural philosophers— the most progressive explanations of human behaviour—robust, systematic and trustworthy, and so ready to help you! 

Thinking Man on Couch

 So powerful, I honestly think this work will be the new "John Wooden"  

for our insights into coaching, sports and exercise. 

Scott Caulfield, Head Coach, National Strength and Conditioning Association 

Coaching Today

It's only been three weeks and I'm such a different coach already, I look back at the coach I used to be and I'm horrified.

Christian Zalewski, University of Denver Coaching student (Lacrosse)

Coach Education


To coach and lead responsibly, ethically and produce better (winning) athletes and employees, we offer online and in-person education based on our comprehensive applied research program informed by the work of the French post-structuralist philosophers, in the following areas: 

  1. Curriculum development for institutions

  2. Individual/group coach/leader education workshops 

  3. Coach/leader education video platform (COMING SOON)


Sport Performance



We “broaden awareness” to help you use mental skills better. 

  1. Athlete online clinics (2-hours)

  2. Athlete consultations (30/60 minutes): zoom/in-person

  3. Athlete/team workshops

  4. Sport Psychology video platform (COMING SOON)

Advancing Sports Psychology

You provide the player and coaches with unique way of creatively solving problems they always face that I’ve never seen before.


Dr. Itay Basevitch, Course Leader, Coaching Soccer for Performance Degree program, Anglia-Ruskin University (U.K.).



Transforming Exercise Structural Health

It's not that I have more energy,

it's that I have tons more energy.


Sarah Harris, Nurse, Gt. Ormond St. Hospital for Sick Children, London, U.K.



Exercise doesn't have to hurt and doesn't have to happen in specific exercise places. It can be gentle and it can be done anywhere, place or time - whenever or wherever. 


Broader Thinking offers a range of structural health services that lifts, lengthens, greases and lightens the body, making movement easy: 

   -  Clear rationales for changing exercise/movement assumptions.

   -  Awareness of good structure and efficient movement. 

  1. Work/school place Wellness Programs 

  2. Workplace/sports team workshops 

  3. Structural Health video platform (COMING SOON)


Basketball Dunk




Currently:  2% of female 12-17 year-old Canadians meet physical activity guidelines, 75% male 17-24 year-old Americans would fail a military draft (after 6-months of training) and 70% of 13 year-olds drop out of sport. 

We all know people unable to do "what they want" because their bodies won't allow it, mental health is the most used phrase in high school and post-secondary education, athletes are as injured as much as they are fit (e.g., the best English Soccer team in 1982, Aston Villa, won the League with just 14 players, but today soccer teams require over 30 players (two full teams).


And in track and field standards have even (outside one or two anomalies) stagnated. Or at least records are now being broken, only because shoe technologies have changed, not because athletes' bodies are better. 


Industries require flexible creative problem-solvers not "repeating-knowledge-good-at-exams" graduates, leadership training is everywhere so no one follows and everyone disagrees about where to go and 70% of Change Management initiatives fail. 

There are then, many more factors to see, know and do. 


Online Learning


Partnering with leading digital strategists SQRLZ, our progressive learning research/theories and progressive technologies/learning designs transform learning. 

We offer OTT (over-the-top network) video platforms handling large data files, so any amount of information can be put in one place and learners can find any information in seconds, make any mistake and still answer any question they have. 

Leading with videos and supported by typical LMS, any documents, interactions, communications, social media, flexible learning resources, live streaming and built in e-commerce. 




Transforming Learning

Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I may remember. 

Involve me [so I can use knowledge] 

... and I learn. 


Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Founding Father

Transforming Business: Online Office Space

We just need to take a leap-in-logic and see OTT platforms handle enough information to be a business' office

Douglas Berquist, CEO SQRLZ



Partnering with leading digital strategists SQRLZ, our progressive learning research/theories and progressive technologies/learning designs transform learning. 

We offer OTT (over-the-top network) video platforms handling large data files, so any amount of information can be put in one place and your employees and your customers can find any information they could possibly need in seconds

Not replacing your website, but adding to it: any documents, social media, interactions, communications, flexible resources, live streaming and built in e-commerce. 

Who we are and what we do

Too often, scholars talk in academic ivory tower language and progressive ideas gather dust, and so real-world experts have no choice to use over enthusiastic attention-grabbing analysis. Broader Thinking attempts progressive ideas in user-friendly ways. 

We are scholar consultants. Our work is based on our leading theoretically and research driven work, the subject of over 50 peer-reviewed academic articles, book chapters and international conference presentations providing our credibility. 

We are then, a new voice in sport, exercise, coaching, learning and business, which: 

 ... are based on the most progressive psycho/social theories of human behaviour, post-structuralism;

 ... are tested on some of the world's best coaches (of world record holders and Olympic champions);

 ... is the source of an ongoing research program;

 ... is continually checked by the world's leading minds (academic and real-world experts). 

Dr. Joseph Mills, MASC, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver. Professional Psychologist Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) U.K., Chartered Sports Scientist (BASES) British Association of Sport and Exercise Science.

Dr. Brian Gearity, CSCS, FNSCA, ATC. Director MASC, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver.

Dr. Jim Denison, Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Douglas Bergquist, SQRLZ- Leading Digital Strategist, 30 year career at the highest levels of film.