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broader thinking


   What does re-structuring involve? 


Restructuring means:

   1.  finding and moving into correct structural positions;

   2.  finding and softening the overworking outside muscles;

   3.  finding and gently activating inner deep foundational muscles;

   4.  lengthening collapsed parts to help you move into correct positions;

   5.  moving within the body to repeat these patterns and rebuild perfect structure.


Slow, soft, aware, gentle, sensations, awkward, length, lightness, or moving with thought, care and precision, and by paying attention to all other parts of the body.


None of which we can do until we learn the most microscopic and foundational of moves and then rebuild always in relation to the whole body until it impacts everything we do: the slower and more careful you go, the more progress you make.


Yet these are qualities we’re not used to and don’t expect, which is a problem because not doing them patterns, reinforces and concretes in structural collapse, making movement harder not easier.



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