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broader thinking


   What prevents us from doing structure well?

Firstly, structural problems are new. "Sitting as living" has only changed in the last 40 years, and "sitting hunched-over as living" the last ten.


Secondly, brains normalize our experiences so we don’t feel our structural collapse and therefore don’t know it’s happening.


Thirdly, science of the body is too microscopically precise to see something as complex as structure. Structure is not then in mainstream medicine, science or education.


But most importantly the qualities/values people think help their bodies, actually harm structure. Everyone knows exercise and training involves “work hard-be strong” which helps us use energy better and produce more force, but likely harms structure because:

   -  no one ever moves into the correct structural position (they don’t know where they are);

   -  they don’t soften the outside muscles;

   -  they don’t recruit the deeper lying foundational ones in the correct gentle ways;

   -  they don’t take tine, patience and control to think about the rest of the body when moving.


Would you put more bricks (outside muscle strength) on a collapsing building? Likely not, it brings the building/body down quicker. That doesn’t make gym strength wrong, it just means you need to guarantee your restructuring moves to structural perfection before strength.


Finally, what doesn’t help is social media. There so many voices and opinions that understanding what to trust is impossible. We are used to 140 characters to make our points and so gloss, shouting and attention grabbing dominate.


Yet today, exercise, health and wellness stats are at the worst they have ever been. Taking a little more time, minutes not hours, and having accessible, credible information can make powerful change.



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