Adding, not replacing, what you do now


Find a structural health expert, making sure they're licenced in structure not fitness (wrong values remember). Then carry on what you are doing now; gyms, yoga, running, exercise classes, S&C, chiropractors, physios and other structure experts.


But as well, use our structure platform as the in-fill, the addition to what you do. 8-10 short, simple, quick, quality moves a day, maybe more if you can guarantee your mind is not wandering and they’re going to be perfect quality. A little bit everyday, will restructure your body and make whatever it is you do now, far better and easier. T


he more you learn, the quicker the moves become, until they become your life: watching TV, desk-top working, grocery queues, driving, taking a bath, in bed… an endless list. Your new life awaits.