Broader thinking


My body's experienced a paradigm shift.

I'm no longer sore but energized,

awake, alert and can move so much easier. 


Christine Grolman, Accountant

Perfect structure:

makes movement easy

But... we live in a structure destroying world because for the first time in human life, we spend so much time sitting-hunched over, making movement much harder than it was designed to be.


Exercise and training, or making movement easier, is then re-structuring.


Re-structuring requires many inner, deeper, gentle muscle contractions, and outer released, softened, lightened ones not the hard work, no-pain-no-gain deal, burn and sweat most of us think helps.


And these gentle non-sweat moves all happen inside the body and can then be done at any moment in your daily routines: the couch, the desk, the car, the shopping queue.


8-10 a day, simple, quick, easy and pleasant to do, as long as you know what to do.


With our SH platform, you’re two swipes and a click away from better structure, movement, health and performance.

It's not that I have more energy,

it's that I have tons more energy.


Sarah Harris, Nurse, Gt. Ormond St. Hospital

for Sick Children, London, U.K.

There are tons of exercise videos online, but they make exercise so hard and complex to do: "feel the burns", "feel sore" and so on. Feelings that

miss too many essential parts of doing structure well and actually make structure worse, not better.


The truly best structural teachers, such as Body Control Pilates,a re caught in typical delivery approaches. The videos are brilliant but too long, too hard to find what you need and few people have time to do them. They’re also too busy telling you what to do, not educating you why, so you can do it yourself.


Our platform is what you would do in a high-quality beginner class and what experts do every day because SH are so foundational for better structure and better moving, and learning (a few minutes not hours) why, so you’re empowered to take responsibility for yourself.


Movements broken down to such a microscopic degree, you put them into your life at any moment to rebuild as you live…. Which is why Joe Pilates said it was the “small muscles that build the body”, and why we have so many powerful life-changing testimonies.

Enjoy the advantages of a body with.. joints free and balanced, muscles working in harmony, an integrated unit, operating with minimal strain under all conditions?

John Stirk, Structural Fitness


I feel so strongly about my new body and how to get it, I'll write the benefits down with my blood if you want!

Lazar Dzamic, Ex-GOOGLE Head of Bran Planning (Europe)

“It started slowly, but boy did it build up! It's like I had tunnel vision before and now have a new concept of reality."

Colin White, Engineer CHEVRON

“It was really weird, I felt like I'd worked but it was not on the outside like you'd expect. It was all on the inside.

Jacqui Dale, Marathon Runner

Wellness that works

In Banff National Park, Canada, signs read: "If you give a wild animal food, you take away the very thing that makes it special—its wildness." As "still-hunched-forward-over" humans connecting more with our phones than real people then, we're not just eating food... we're eating GOURMETAnd so..

..people who find exercise hard aren't lazy, injured athletes haven't 'over'-worked and maybe people aren't as anxious as statistics suggest.


We're all a product of today's "still-hunched" environment that is against our inherent design, and hand-held devices could come with health warnings! 

Great structure gives energy because less effort is required: muscles are at their correct length (would you then need to stretch?) and the forces of gravity fall perfectly through the centres of each joint (preventing wear and pain) optimum positions are afforded the inner organs.Everything works as designed.


This is why The Times (U.K.) reported in 2017, that well-taught Pilates was better than any pain-killing drugs, why the Guardian (U.K.) in late 2019, similarly reported that while people who droned on about well-taught Pilates were annoying, it was actually life changing and why the Washington Post 

(U.S.) reported in 2018 workplace wellness programs routinely fail. 


And so if you're not experiencing profound benefits you know you're not doing structure, and check the claims of other structural experts such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Clinical Pilates, Anatomy Trains to name only a few. Or check your own structure: