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Perfect structure is the state of maximum health and performance. The body requires the least amount of energy to move fastest, in any direction with no wear. Sadly, for three main reasons structural health is misunderstood, and millions of people are held back.


1. Sitting-almost-permanently-still-and-hunched-over, as we do today, harms structures. (Use it or lose it, we don't use it and start to lose

    foundation/structural muscles holding us up, but brains select the strongest muscles and by-pass the weakening ones, meaning we

    don't feel or know about any collapse).

2. People do "what makes sense", which for most people is "strengthening the body" because strong bodies were essential in worlds

    where people moved all the time. That world has changed.


3. Lab-based science gives such precise information, it can't account for broader and complex environmental effects on structures.

As a result, when most people practice structure they look for, expect and try to make the wrong things happen. If we can change the "sense" in what we think and do to our bodies, exercise, health and performance, we can make dramatic change.


It's not that I have more energy,

it's that I have tons more energy.

Sarah Harris, Nurse, Gt. Ormond St. Hospital

for Sick Children, London, U.K.



If understood, exercise

and training can be:

  ...easy, quick, pleasant yet powerfully good for you;

  ...feel nice, no sweat, anyone can do it;

  ...anywhere or anytime, always gets done;


  ...microscopically basic, simple, foundational;

  ...lift, lighten and lengthen;

  ...boosts, adds to and builds what you do now (not replaces);

  ...connects the whole body, makes movement better/easier;

  ...lessens need for straps/braces, ice and other pain-reliefs;

  ...gain self-responsibility, control and confidence;

  ..."in-fills", the “missing piece", "secret sauce" or "X-factor". 

My body's experienced a paradigm shift.

I'm no longer sore but energized,

awake, alert and can move so much easier. 


Christine Grolman, Accountant

Making structure

make sense

Strength is good. Before digital devices and desk-working, people moved a lot more, and so had good body structures. And on good structures, strength helps us produce more force to move better and easier, and improve health and performance.

But, putting strength on faulty structures is likely a problem. Would you put more bricks (outer muscle mass) on the outside of a collapsing building? No, you would ensure foundational quality first.


Strength is not structure. Foundation muscles, that should be "gently always-on", lie under outer muscles and if they atrophy, the outer muscles have to do more: hold us up and move us.


Re-structuring is then:

     ...finding the correct structural positions (we've unknowingly lost);

     ...softening the overworking outer muscles;

     ...finding the much deeper, gentle "always-on" contractions;

     ...using and maintaining these different, softer, lifted, more efficient

        patterns as we build up the complexity of our moves.

Understanding the logic of structure is the key... to better health and performance, otherwise you're expecting, looking for and trying to make harmful things happen. Which is why we encourage you to watch the videos on how culture shapes what "makes sense" to do.


Our educational structural health platform is a re-education and transformation of your body, health and performance. Teaching you a broader "sense and understanding" of your body and what it needs to feel to move, that adds to and boosts what you do now, and that is a springboard for you to see more structural experts.

Click here if interested in changing your exercise...

Structural health


Re-structuring.. exercise and training's missing piece, requires gentle thoughtful moves, not the hard work, we expect.

And these non-sweat moves all happen inside the body. That means they can be done at any moment in your daily lives: the couch, desk, shopping queue. 8-10, a little bit everyday, or more if you're sure they are focused and as good as you can do.

The moves on our platform.. are the microscopic foundational ones you would learn in the highest quality structural health classes that build to more complex moves.

Our platform is this springboard for more. A springboard putting "easy-to-do structure into your body, at easy-to-do moments" in your lives.

...You can either use it as your main exercise;

...you can use it to add to and boost what you do now;

...or you can use it to conveniently fit into your routine lives so that if   

     you miss other exercise and training because “real-life” gets in the

     way—which it always does—your health still improves.


...You can also use it as a learning tool to engage your own structural

     experts (that we encourage you to find) in discussion to extend your

     structural health with them too.

Not you spending hours following instructions or looking for the right bits, of overlong videos, where you're dependent on others telling you what to do. But empowering you to take control for yourself.

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Enjoy the advantages of a body with.. joints free and balanced, muscles working in harmony, an integrated unit, operating with minimal strain under all conditions?

John Stirk, Structural Fitness


I feel so strongly about my new body and how to get it, I'll write the benefits down with my blood if you want!

Lazar Dzamic, Ex-GOOGLE Head of Brand Planning (Europe)

“It started slowly, but boy did it build up! It's like I had tunnel vision before and now have a new concept of reality."

Colin White, Engineer CHEVRON

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“It was really weird, I felt like I'd worked but it was not on the outside like you'd expect. It was all on the inside.

Jacqui Dale, Marathon Runner


The British Govt. recently promoted a "Couch to 5k". For most people, walking, jogging or running 5k's are far from easy, and the expert help involved inspiring people to go a "little bit further" each time.

With perfect structure the body requires the least amount of energy to move.


Yet as a missing piece of exercise/training science, sadly no one advised how much easier the 5k would be if people re-structured.



Check your structure

Brains select the strongest muscles to do any job. If muscles weaken (through non-use, like foundation muscles do when we sit-hunched-over so much), they're by-passed, and we don't know or feel any collapse.

We may feel okay (like the Empire States Building) but we're closer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, making life much harder than need be.

So take the tests to see where you are:




Stand as tall as possible with your ears over the centre of your shoulders, hips and heel bones. Is this comfortable or uncomfortable? How long can you stand this way? What happens when you relax, do you lose 1-2 inches in height? If you can relax and not drop in height, congratulations, if not and you want to live effectively you need to make changes.


Stand side on so that you can see your reflection. Imagine a plumb-line dropping vertically to the ground from the centre of your ear. Check that this line also drops through the centre of your shoulder, divides you spinal curves... through the centre of your hip, behind (just) your knee and in front (just) of your ankle. Also, check that the 'plane' across your pubic, hip bones and belly button is perpendicular to the floor.


When driving sit as tall as possible and adjust your mirror accordingly.See how long you can drive for and how easy it is to drive before having to re-adjust the mirror back to its original position.



Wellness that works

In Banff National Park, Canada, signs read: "If you give a wild animal food, you take away the very thing that makes it special—its wildness." As "still-hunched-forward-over" humans connecting more with our phones than real people then, we're not just eating food... we're eating GOURMETAnd so..

..people who find exercise hard aren't lazy, injured athletes haven't 'over'-worked and maybe people aren't as anxious as statistics suggest.


We're all a product of today's "still-hunched" environment that is against our inherent design, and hand-held devices could come with health warnings! 

Great structure gives energy because less effort is required: muscles are at their correct length (would you then need to stretch?) and the forces of gravity fall perfectly through the centres of each joint (preventing wear and pain) optimum positions are afforded the inner organs. Everything works as designed.


This is why The Times (U.K.) reported in 2017, that well-taught Pilates was better than any pain-killing drugs, why the Guardian (U.K.) in late 2019, similarly reported that while people who droned on about well-taught Pilates were annoying, it was actually life changing and why the Washington Post 

(U.S.) reported in 2018 workplace wellness programs routinely fail. 


And so if you're not experiencing profound benefits you know you're not doing structure. Check the claims of other structural experts such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Clinical Pilates, Anatomy Trains to name only a few.





If you know you need to get healthy but hate exercise torture, our 8-10 moves, “a-little-bit-everyday” that routinely fits into your life is perfect.

If you’re a high-performing athlete or exerciser, the same deal, the “little bit everyday’ makes everything you do easier and better.