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Sports performance psychology 

 $120 1 session 

 $280 3 session package

 $500 6 session package


 Reduce costs and email ahead to enjoy a more  focussed  30 minute consultation. Spreading  consultations over any time that suits  you has  the advantages of extending and deepening

 your learning and with it your effectiveness by  giving you the chance to  explore, practice,  reflect, problem-solve, discuss  and  also developing your relationship with us.  


app. 30 minute sessions





 $200 1 session 

 $500 3 session package

 $1,000 6 session package


 Spreading consultations over any time that suits  you has the advantages of extending and 

 deepening your learning and with it your  effectiveness by giving you the chance to  explore, practice, reflect, problem-solve, discuss  and also developing your relationship with us.                

app. 60 minute sessions




$50 1 session 

 $120 3 session package

 $200 6 session package


 Research is clear, development is a lot more  effective when it involves exploration,  discussion, relating content to context,  problem-solving, ongoing reflection,  experimentation and adaptation with others:

 using not having knowledge.


 Join a group clinic of maximum six athletes  to ensure each athlete has quality focussed  attention but also learns and develops not just  from their own experiences but from others.  Submit questions, issues, problems ahead of  time. 

App. 2 hour clinics


Why we can be trusted to add value

We are scholar-consultants. Meaning that our work is based on our leading scholarship and our experience (not experience alone). It is our world-leading research-driven and theoretically supported work (alongside Dr. Jim Denison at the University of Alberta), the subject of over 50 peer-reviewed academic articles, book chapters and international conference presentations that provide our credibility.  


We are a new voice in sport, which:​

   ... are based on the most complex and progressive psycho/sociological theories of human behaviour, post-structural theory;

   ... has been tested on some of the very best coaches in the world, that is coaches to world-record holders and Olympic champions;

   ... is the source of an ongoing research program aiming to transform coaching and sport;

   ... has been invited to be presented at a number of leading sport science universities around the world, such as: 


             -  University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

             -  Bowling Green State University, Ohio, United States of America

             -  University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

             -  The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway

             -  University of Vic, Catalonia, Spain

             -  Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden

             -  Track and Field Federation of Finland

             -  Pan Pacific Conference of Medicine and Science in Sport

             -  North American, Central American and Carribean Track & Field Coaches Association

If you would like our theoretically-informed research driven practices to empower you to be able to think broadly, consultations can be done in any number of ways that guarantee affordability, accessibilty and a quality product, in person or face-to-face via Skype, Facetime, Zoom.


Theoretically-driven rigorously researched analysis to help you do better;

not the latest gimmicks, 'over-elaborate enthusiasm' or technology! 

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...I loved it, fantastic post   ...Please continue developing your very important work!  


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